Commission sale of philately and other collectibles


Welcome to our website. We are a family-run firm whose main activity is commission sale and related services of philatelic items and similar collectibles. We provide services such as valuation and purchase mediation (direct sale, auction sale, gradual sale…) of whole collections with the aim to acquire the best possible sale results. On the other hand, our goal is to present as manifold and abundant offer in stamp collections as feasible to meet the collecting needs and desires of our collectors.

Our collections contain postage stamps (covers, postcards, coins, banknotes, poster stamps…) of miscellaneous quality.  Albums, stockbooks and stockpages make an integral part of the offer. The collections are sold „as is“ in accordance with the law of Czech Republic ( § 1918 , č. 89/2012 Sb.).Unless specified otherwise, collections are displayed in full, there are no omitted sections or pages. We strive as much as possible to display good quality  and high resolution photographs.

Our stamp collections and lots are offered through the auction website Anyone interested in taking part in our auctions is strongly advised to get a registration on or any affiliate site (, etc.) . In addition, we run an eshop where other stamp collections are available at fixed price. In order to buy within the eshop, registration is also required. We commit ourselves to keeping private any personal data of our clients. These will be used merely for  internal purposes of the eshop (e.g.  order fulfillment). Provided that the client has given his/her consent to receiving advertising messages, they can be sent information emails  (these will mostly contain info about newly listed items). We never share personal data with third parties.

Futhermore, we offer the possibility of combining  purchases made on and in our eshop into one cosignment for a single sending fee. This  is available as a „DOPRAVA ZDARMA“ (= free transport) option in the eshop in the course of 7 subsequent days after the auction end to those clients who have  successfully bought something in our auction on and whose personal data on are identical with those saved in their eshop profile (especially the email address must be the same). Complying with both conditions, the client is given the option of paying for the goods in the eshop without any trasportation fee. The payment for the goods purchased on follows afterwards and includes the cumulative trasportation fee for the whole shipment.

We recommend the following procedure : 1.step – purchase on, no payment, 2.step – purchase in the eshop + immediate payment without trasportation fee, 3.step – waiting till we contact you with the exact amount to be paid for trasportation (applies to all shipments abroad whose sending fee is weight dependent), 4. payment for aukro items and transportation fee. 

When listed as an auction item,  all items are started from 1 CZK. Analogously to live auction´s custom practice of big firms with selling miscellaneous lots and with respect to low starting prices we do not accept claims or returns.

We are only humans and sometimes, mistakes can occur. Whether these are of technical nature (items with description errors or with incorrect or missing images) or despatching errors (items sent to a wrong address, missing items in the package…) , we always do our best to rectify the inconvenience to the full customer satisfaction.

New auction items are listed every Sunday ( and Monday ( Repeat buyers are welcome provided they have paid for all previous purchases, unless they have agreed with us otherwise. For full auction sale conditions see the page „O mně“. Items are added into our eshop on a regular basis.

Buyers with a Czech delivery address are charged one postage fee only , no matter how many items they buy (129 CZK up to a totall of 30 kg, courier service). International sending fees are calculated individually according to the package weight (see  the chart below). We use different courier services (DPD,UPS,DHL,GLS…) for shipments within the EU. Shipments outside the EU are sent with the Czech Post and the fees are set in accordance with the Czech Post price list.

Postage and handling fees

Country up to 1 kg 1-2 kg  2-5 kg  5-10 kg 10-15 kg 15-30 kg
 Czech Republic 129 Kč 129 Kč 129 Kč 129 Kč 129 Kč 129 Kč
Slovakia, Poland 190 Kč 190 Kč 190 Kč 230 Kč 280 Kč 400 Kč
 Germany, Austria, Hungary 250 Kč 250 Kč 250 Kč 300 Kč 375 Kč 470 Kč
 Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland 330 Kč 330 Kč 450Kč 550 Kč 10-20 kg 675 Kč 20-30 kg 735 Kč
 Other EU countries 330 Kč 330 Kč 450Kč 595 Kč 10-20 kg 806 Kč 20- 30 kg 891 Kč
Russia, Ukraine 450Kč 1-3 kg 580 Kč 3-5 kg 680 Kč 960 Kč 1250 Kč


All goods must be paid  in advance and by other means than cash payment. Likewise, we do not send goods by cash on delivery.

Payments in the eshop are executed through the gateway The Pay, where the amount is paid immediately in CZK using  a bank card (czech or international) or through a Czech Republic based internet banking.

Payments for auction items (, can be carried out in more ways. The first option is similar to the payment method of our eshop, that means paying through the aukro  gateway PayU, directly on the website. Unfortunately, the PayU option is not available for  items purchased from us on Further payment option is money transfer in CZK to our FIO bank  account in the Czech Republic, in EUR  to our FIO bank  account in Slovakia or in PLN to our Alior Bank account in Poland. For Russian customers there is a UNISTREAM payment option available.  We can accept payments through PayPal as well, provided that the buyer accepts to pay an extra 4% transaction fee. For all details go to the page „O mně“.

For further information feel free to contact us through  the contact form.

We speak Czech, English, German and French, to a small extent also Polish and Russian.